Human Resources

People Development

Motus Toyota is supportive of the transformation taking place in South Africa and the resultant Labour Law dispensation.

The company has committed itself to the creation, facilitation and development of an organisation that supports the equality of all South Africans where people from previously disadvantaged sectors of the population will gain access to opportunities and development based on their suitability and potential. Motus Toyota is committed to become an employer of choice in the process of transforming society with special focus on the Motor Industry.

The Company is committed to creating and maintaining an environment, which provides equal opportunities to all its employees, with special consideration for historically disadvantaged groups. It will take steps to promote equal opportunity in the workplace by eliminating unfair discrimination in any employment policy or practice.

Motus Toyota recognizes that a large portion of their current skills base is represented by the employees from the non-designated groups.

Motus Toyota is committed to ensure that black economic empowerment is measurably demonstrated via support of the IMPERIAL Group BEE initiatives.